About me

Hy, my name’s Peter. As a highly motivated engineer, I am passionate about the microservices and distributed systems and a strong believer that everything that can be automated should be automated.
Throughout my experience, I have been involved in various domains of DevOps, which have equipped me with a diverse skill set to contribute to your team. Some of my key areas of expertise include:

• Designing and implementing CI/CD pipelines to streamline software delivery processes and ensure efficient and automated deployments.

• Implementing and maintaining Kubernetes clusters for container orchestration, enabling scalable and resilient application deployments.

• Creating and managing infrastructure on cloud platforms, such as AWS and Azure, utilizing infrastructure-as-code principles for efficient provisioning and management.

• Implementing networking solutions to ensure secure and reliable communication between different components of the system.

• Performing system administration tasks on both Linux and Windows virtual machines, ensuring smooth operations and resolving any issues that arise.

• Developing glue scripts in Bash and PowerShell to automate repetitive tasks and enable seamless integration between various systems and tools.

• Implementing logging and monitoring features both cloud-native, such as Azure Monitor, and third-party solutions, such as Prometheus and Grafana, to gain visibility and proactively monitor system health and performance.

I strive to be technology-agnostic and focus on learning concepts rather than specific tools. This approach ensures that I am flexible and adaptable, capable of quickly picking up new technologies and easily adapting to different environments.

In my free time, I engage in personal projects that allow me to experiment with and learn new tools. These projects can be found on my GitHub profile, demonstrating my commitment to continuous learning and exploration. I am a big believer in open-source software and actively contribute to the community.

In addition to my passion and continuous learning, I possess several relevant certifications. I am a certified Terraform Associate (003), validating my expertise in infrastructure provisioning and management using Terraform. Furthermore, I have achieved the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator certification, demonstrating my comprehensive understanding of Azure cloud services and administration.

I am confident in my ability to contribute effectively to any team’s objectives and embrace the opportunity to further develop my skills while making a meaningful impact at company I work for. I am a collaborative team player with excellent communication skills, and I am eager to work alongside talented professionals who share my passion for DevOps.